ICX Privacy Compliance Suite

ICX makes website users feel more secure and informed about how you protect and manage their data. It shows your organisations privacy statement, contact details and legal links along with detailed information about the cookies your site uses.

It’s an ideal way to start your privacy compliance process and can be adapted and expanded as your needs increase.

ICX now comes in three flavours :

  • ICX1 for website cookie compliance
  • ICX2 for privacy governance
  • ICX3 for advanced privacy compliance, privacy marketing and checkout optimisation.

Development has stopped on ICX1 and ICX2 to focus resources on ICX3 which now features live Machine Learning, Cross Validation for detecting privacy issues and feeds in to a Neural Network to display the privacy status of any organisation connected to your own, in real-time and with near 100% accuracy.

We use PHP ML to form the backbone of this network as this, like all of our software, is Open Source for transparency and security.

ICX3 is currently compatible with Cisco hardware but the next version will integrate with any enterprise router and switching system.

Live trials show that our ICX3 suite can reduce privacy incidents by over 75%, increase executive confidence in reporting data and provide instant compliance reports from hundreds of connected entities regardless of their technology platform.